How to Backup DVD from Scratching

We’ve talked about how to rip DVD and consume it to your portable devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung Tablets, etc. It only makes sense that the movies you purchased should be available wherever you want to watch them. But don’t ignore the damage of scratching which seriously destroy your DVD disks and there is no way back. Let’s backup our DVD with idoo DVD Ripper just in case the annoys happen.

Your less carefulness, or your kids will lead the DVD disks becoming scratched beyond repair after a very short time. There are some physic ways to repair scratched DVDs I‘d like to list below, but no one can ensure you these method will work.

Before trying anything, clean the surface of your scratched DVD. You need a piece of Mircrofiber cloth to wipe all the dust or anything damageable to your DVD with gentle touch. Be wear that your fingers touch DVD disks directly, and do not clean the surface using circular motions. If it doesn’t work, then you need a soft cotton swab and a little bit of mild abrasive. After you finished all the steps, you’d better wax your DVD. Why not back your DVDs up with DVD Ripper, which can transmit DVD to any popular video forms.


The Screenshot of idoo DVD Ripper

rip dvd to mp4

Other Features

1. Merge or split DVD titles and chapters.

Merge several DVD titles or chapters into one without interruption. You can also split a title or a chapter into several segments.

2. Crop black bar of DVD.

Crop your DVD movie to fit the screen size of your player such as 16:9, 4:3.

3. Add effects to DVD movie.

Add you own text or picture watermark to personalize your videos. And you can also adjust the contrast, display brightness, and saturation, or even special effects.

Why not download idoo DVD Ripper right now? You will find it would be the easiest DVD to MP4 Ripper, download it and discover how amazing this Backup DVD from Scratching Converter would be!

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