How to Rip your DVD to Windows Mobile?on Windows 8 8.1

  • There are several brands of PDAs, including those from HTC, HP, Samsung and Dell that run on the Windows operating system. Windows Mobile is one member of the Smartphone group, just like Symbian, Linux, Palm, ect. It is hard for us to distinguish their advantages and disadvantages, because each of them has their own benefits. We have introduced how to rip your DVD to Nokia, Android, and BlackBerry. Then how could I rip my DVDs to Windows Mobile? It is just the same, use idoo DVD Ripper! idoo DVD Ripper is a powerful and easy-to-use DVD ripping software for Windows users to rip encrypted and homemade DVDs to all popular video formats with fast speed. So you can use this DVD Ripper to enjoy your DVD with Windows Mobile easily and rapidly!

About Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile, which developed by Microsoft, is a software platform used for Pocket PC and Smartphone. Windows Mobile extends our familiar Windows Operating System to personal multimedia devices. The devices are mainly as follows: PPC, PDA, and portable music player. The Operating System of Windows Mobile are divided into three groups: Windows Mobile Standard, Windows Mobile Professional, Windows Mobile Classic. The most frequently used version is Windows Mobile 6.1 while the latest version is 6.5.

Video formats for Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile supports video playback but only for files in the .WMV file format if there is none of any third-party player installed in your phone. With idoo DVD Ripper, you can rip your DVD to Windows Mobile easily and rapidly, because idoo provides the most convenient way to rip DVD and all parameters are settled and configured in idoo DVD Ripper as all Windows Mobile standards.

The Steps to Rip DVD to Windows Mobile

1. Insert the DVD which you want to rip to Windows Mobile. And open it with idoo DVD Ripper.

2. Choose the Chapter that you want to rip:

3. Configure the format type: from DVD to Windows Mobile

4. This is the Windows Mobile video after you click “Rip” button:

idoo DVD Ripper can also rip DVD to any video formats, such as WMV, MOV, MKV, MPEG, FLV, VOB, etc. It is mainly used to transfer video on DVDs to different formats, for example it will give you a hand to convert DVD movies to iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod, iPad, PSP, Zune or other portable devices when you’re on vocation and travelling easily. It also has additional feathers to clip, crop, merge, adjust video effect, etc.

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