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  • Guys if you are looking for the best DVD software around,this is it. Nothing else compares,quality and price.
  • I have struggled with so many other DVD ripper software in the past. I was hesitant to get this because of not having much luck with the others. However, I am deglighted to say how easy and user friendly this software is. I say go get this instead of paying big money for someone else to do it for you.
  • I am very comforted by the fact that my DVDs are safe and sound now, since I have this software. Thank you idoodvd.
  • I am grateful that my DVDs are going to always be safe no matter what with this software around. I am grateful for this software alone!
  • It is very comforting to know since I got my hands on this software, my DVDs are and forever will be safe and sound.
  • I am so delighted to know that my movies and DVDs will always be safe no matter what since I got my hands onto this software. I will always be grateful for this.
  • I always worried about something happening to my DVDs and never having access to my precious material again. With the iSkysoft DVD ripper I do not need to worry anymore. It is all safe now!
  • I love this DVD Ripper. It makes life much easier and can be reassured that my videos and movies will be safe with this software, and they will never be lost.
  • I was always so worried that my DVDs and movies would be lost. With this software, I can easily make sure my DVDs and movies are backed up and safe. And backing them up is very easy as well.
  • Now I do not need to worry about anything happening to my DVD collection after discovering iSkysoft DVD Ripper. All of my films are safely backed up and are there to stay.

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"This tool takes the hard work out of managing video content between Mac and non-compatible devices."

- Fred Bellew

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